Valuation of Life Insurance Liabilities: Establishing Reserves for Life Insurance Policies and Annuity Contracts (Paperback)


This text is listed in the Program of Reading for SOA Fellowship review in the Person Daily life and Annuity specialty, and the Daily life and Wellness Qualifications Seminar of the American Academy of Actuaries. This text covers fundamental concepts of statutory existence insurance and annuity valuation with major emphasis on U.S. practice and secondary coverage of Canadian practice. This guide is a concise therapy of valuation for practicing valuation actuaries and people contemplating a job change into valuation. It also demonstrates the connection between a statutory valuation and the U.S. Yearly Statement. It offers important info necessary for qualification to signal Statements of Actuarial View in the U.S. Incorporated with your buy is a CD containing models demonstrating all of the technical calculations contained in the text.

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