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A Mansion in Lincoln Park
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Image by swanksalot
Ooops – I thought this was the Pritzker mansion, but instead it is Richard Parrillo’s place. Sorry!

"It got away from me, but it’s a labor of love for my wife,” insurance tycoon Richard Parrillo says of his wife, Michaela, who is overseeing the painstaking design and construction of the mammoth home, reportedly costing million, on Burling Street (their property takes up seven city lots).

The lavish French-style mansion will feature an outdoor iron pavilion acquired from an Atlanta estate sale, a chandelier by Argentine ironworker Jose Thenee, a Louis XIII fireplace in the wine-tasting room and a drive court with loose gravel imported from France.

"It’s finer gravel and crunches a certain way when you walk on it,” explains Chicago architectural consultant and interior designer Anthony Michael, who declines to talk prices on such lavish finishing touches.

We were able to figure out that the chandelier alone cost ,000.

Ms. Parrillo, a Francophile, also requested imported French marble for the floors and triple-vaulted ceilings inspired by the stables of Versailles.


Topping the list in the 2011 tax year was insurance magnate Richard Parrillo, who paid nearly 6,780 last year on a new 15,533-square-foot limestone mansion in Lincoln Park…

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