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Exploring My Universe – 210 Not Out!
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Image by antonychammond
1. Trieste – A Bluetiful Harbour View Reddy For Your Inspection!, 2. Trieste – A City Where It Is Easy To Keep Things In Perspective!, 3. Trieste – A Daylightful View of the Harbour Lighthouse!, 4. Something Red to Chair You Up!, 5. When You See Something Lurking in the Dark, Remember Red Can Spell Danger!, 6. Trieste – A Seagull Waiting for Its Flight Insurance Quote on Top of the Assicurazioni Generali Building!, 7. Trieste – An Open and Shut(tering) Case!, 8. Rediance?,

9. Trieste – An Angelic Aspect of The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas, 10. Trieste – Reflecting on a Captivating Coastal City, 11. Trieste – Reaching for the Sky, the Church of San Antonio Nuovo, 12. Sometimes an Abstract Comes Out of the Blue!, 13. Trieste – Buoyed Up by the Bacolana Regata!, 14. Venice – The Dome of San Simeone Piccolo, 15. Venice – A Gondolier Gets Ready for His Next Trip, 16. Venice – A DeLIGHTful Evening on the Canale della Giudecca,

17. Venice – A Sideways Glance at the Doge’s Palace!, 18. Venice – Another View of the Grand Canal, 19. Venice – There’s No Ceiling on Beauty in the Doge’s Palace!, 20. Venice – Man’s Ambition Had No Ceiling in the Doge’s Palace!, 21. Blossoming Beauty!, 22. An Abstract to Chair You Up!, 23. Heralding a Bright New Tomorrow in New South Wales, 24. Sunset Over the Ridge Down from Mount Canobolas,

25. Passing Clouds in a New South Wales Sky, 26. ‘E’s a Diamond Geezer!, 27. Strawberries and Cream Rose!, 28. Stretching the Imagination…., 29. California Dreaming 2, 30. Booty?, 31. You Must Be Off Your Blueming Trolley!, 32. All But One….,

33. Family Outing!, 34. Cloud Diver, 35. No Longer the Sole of Discretion!, 36. I Had to Gain My Stripes Somehow!, 37. Which Way Did He Go?, 38. Holesome!, 39. Top Knob?, 40. Taking In the View at Pevensey Castle!,

41. Abstract Condensation!, 42. Browned Off….?, 43. The Long and the Short of It…., 44. Life on Mars, 45. Ghost Chair!, 46. Black Curve, White Light, 47. Red Sky at Night…, 48. Ball-istique!,

49. Along the Right Lines?, 50. Catching the Light – An East Sussex Landscape, 51. Lone Tree, Big Sky, 52. A Tearful Pinkerton Agent!, 53. I Could Only Stop and Stair!, 54. Incandescenza Dorata sul Mediterraneo!, 55. A Nice Little Orangement 3, 56. Leading You Up the Garden Path Again at Great Dixter!,

57. Seeing Double at Great Dixter!, 58. Givng Topiary the Bird at Great Dixter!, 59. An ‘Arrowing Experience at Bodiam Castle, 60. Bodium Castle Inside Out!, 61. The Way Into Bodiam Castle, 62. Who Killed Mickey Mouse?, 63. Reflecting on a Brassy World…., 64. Out of the Blue at Great Comp Garden!,

65. Bubble Bath!, 66. "Hi Buddy" Said the Water Lily to Her Neighbour!, 67. Zig Zag, 68. A Little More than Level Pegging!, 69. Dahlia Smith!, 70. "To rid ourselves of our shadows – who we are – we must step into either total light or total darknessā€ Jeremy Preston Johnson, 71. Along the Right Lines, 72. Preparing for Take Off!

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